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VONTRONIX TV puts you in complete control

Vontronix TV is only $29.95 per month which includes service for up to 3 devices working off the same cable modem or Fios Modem. Account sharing is permitted, such as dorm rooms, but all wifi connections must be made to a single router.  Call us if you have questions or issues. A 4th device is $10 more per month for a total cost of $39.95 per month

Vontronix TV - It's like having Netflix plus cable TV.   You get access to an On-Demend Library of over 20,000 TV Show and Movie titles, which is being added to on a daily basis

Our Service includes the following.
  • 60 Sports channels
  • 50 premium movie channels - HBO etc..
  • 200 cable channels - Including ABC, NBC, Fox and CBS.
  • 8 channels of 24hr Adult entetainment.  Password protected by a four digit code.
  • 50 Spanish Channels
  • 20 UK Channels
  • 5000 movies on demend
  • 15,000 TV Show episodes.
  • More being added every day.
  • Month to Month contract.
  • No activation fees
  • No Credit Checks
  • No cancellation fees
  • Professional Support

Voice and Video service for home and business.
1-855-337-5660  Call us now
Click icon below to download a file of all 500 Channels
SetPlex 110
For a TV experience that is basically identical to cable TV, get our Setplex box.  They are designed to work exclusively with our network and every works simply and quickly.  The remote has buttons dedicated to the Program Guide and the On Demand section.

With that being said, our FREE App works great when used with most Android devices.   Firesticks and FirerTV can easily download our App.  Watch the video under the video tab.

Yes you can use two FireSticks and one Model 110

Yes you get to watch whats playing on HBO as well as ABC right now..  This is LIVE TV.

The TV Service is $29.95 a month, but you'll also need a way to change the channels.