TV Plans
Voice and Video service for home and business.
We only offer one plan ---- You Get it All!!!!  

500 channels of live TV including HBO, Showtime, Starz, Pay Per View, Sports, Adult, News and 100 Spanish Channels.   All for $29.95 a month. 

Cable companies charge well over $100 a month for all of these channels. Other popular streaming media services charge as much as $70 for a similar level of service.  Vontronix is only $29.95.

What do you get?

For $29.95 a month you can watch TV on three devices at the same time.  A 4th device is only an extra $10 a month.

What is a device?

A Device is needed to change the channels just like the cable box you have today.  Our APP can be dowloaded onto any android powered device such as a Firestick, Smart Phone or an Android Tablet, or even a KODI box.  For the best experience, buy one of our Setplex boxes.  It makes our service feel just like the Cable TV Service you probably have today.  We are working on a solution for Apple products also.

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