TV Plans
Voice and Video service for home and business.
We only offer one plan ---- You Get it All!!!!

800 channels of live TV including all premium channels, Sports, 18+ Programming, News and 100 Spanish Channels.   All for $29.95 a month.

Cable companies charge well over $100 a month for all of these channels. Other popular streaming media services charge as much as $70 for a similar level of service.  Vontronix is only $29.95.

What do you get?

For $29.95 a month you can watch TV on two devices at the same time.  Each additional device is only an extra $15 a month.

What is a device?

A Device is needed to change the channels just like the cable box you have today.  Our APP can be dowloaded onto any android powered device such as a Firestick, Smart Phone or an Android Tablet, or even a KODI box. 

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