TV Service FAQs

What channels do you offer?

On the home page there's a link to a PDF file with a list of all channels, or watch the video that goes through the channel guide.

Why do I need to buy a Set Top Box or firestick?

Yes, you need one per TV.

Just like you have a box from your cable company to decode their signal as it comes in through the cable, our service requires a box to decode our signal and display it on the TV.  The Set Top Box or Firestick serves three functions.  1. Decode the signal that comes into it via the Internet. 2. It connects to your Home Internet Service via WiFi so no cables are required to connect to Internet. 3. It acts as the device to change the channels.

So what are my Set Top Box hardware options?

You have thousands of options.  Any Android Set Top Box will work.  HOWEVER, some work better than others.  The cheap ones will work but you won't be happy because of loss of signal and buffering. The boxes that cost around $100 or great.

We recommend the unit that we sell.  It's the only box that we will support via customer service and stand behind.  If you buy a unit from China, don't expect much help.  With that said, we've also found that the Amazon Fire Stick and Fire TV work GREAT.  The picture quality is at the same level as the box that we sell. In fact, half of our customers use the Fire TV products.

Why don't I want a Firestick?

The Firestick works great but it's the remote control unit that makes it less enjoyable to use.  The remote that comes with our box has many more buttons and allows for all funtionality of our TV Service.  Our box also gives you You Tube on the TV. Any other unit will not.

Why is the Vontronix box better?

There's four reasons you should buy our box.

1. We can offer better customer service when our box is installed.  We can send test signals from our end.
2. The user experience is much better because the remote offers more functionality.
3. The box comes to you ready to use.   All other Android boxes will need to download our App once it's hooked up to the TV.
4. You'll be able to watch YouTube on your TV.  Its an option, just like TV channels and Movies.

Can I move the box around, such as, taking it to a friend's house to watch a Football game?

NO!!!  Same as Cable TV.  Once the box is installed it can't be moved.  Our systems marry the MAC address of the Unit to the IP address of your cable model/router.  This marrage can't be broken, or your account will be shut down for fraud on the network. 

Can I install on my cell phone or Android tablet?

Yes, but you'll need to only use the WiFi within the house.  Again, it needs to stay connected to that same IP address.

I live outside of the USA, can I still use Vontronix TV?

Yes, our service works anywhere in the long as you have high speed Internet access.

What sort of Internet access does Vontronix TV require?

We need a constant ON connection.  Any Cable modem, Verizon Fios works fine.  But you need to have enough Speed too.  Each connected TV requires 8MBPS - Megabits per second.  So if you have 3 TVs, you'll need 24MBPS at a minimum.   We recommend you get the 100MBPS speed from your cable company.  You don't need 200 or 300 so don't let them talk you into it.  It's not worth the extra money.

OK, sounds too good to be true.  What's the downside?

You can use our service anywhere BUT it's not going to be a local feed.   Vontronix only offers one feed.  It comes from Buffalo NY.  Meaning all of the TV shows are shown in East Coast Time (GMT-5).     This means that people on the East Coast will get to watch American Idol at it's normal time - 8pm - EST.  The people on the West Coast will watch this same show at 5pm (PST).  Our West Coast customers tell us that its not a big deal to get accustomed too.

Since we offer only one feed, LOCAL NEWS comes from either Buffalo NY or Detroit MI. All other programming is identical as to what you expect on Cable TV.   Check with your cable company.  Most offer a very limited plan for 10 bucks a month that has just a few local channels.  Or depending on your location, a digital anntena may get you the local channels.   See. for more info about this topic.  

Finally and least important, most of our programming is from Canada.  It's U.S. TV Show, same time slots as NYC but they show commercials for Canadian business rather than US commercials. 

We mention the negatives because we want all our customers to be thrilled with our service.  If those three negative items don't scare you off, then you should start saving money today and enjoy the additional programming that we offer.

Is this Legal?

Yes.  This is IP Television Service.  The rules have changed.  Enjoy it.