Frequently Asked Questions

How is it possible for calls to be so inexpensive?
VoIP calls are carried over the Internet without interfacing with the Public switched telephone network (Ma Bell) until the last few miles bypassing all those expensive long lines.

How do I dial someone who has a VoIP phone number?
Just dial their phone number, its no different than dialing anyone else.

How do I dial someone who has a regular phone number?
Simply pick up the telephone connected to the Vontronix network and dial any number in the world. Local calls still need 1 + area code before the number. International numbers are dialed used 011 before the number.

What do I pay if I dial someone who has a regular phone number in Ohio?
It depends upon the plan you choose. If you choose our unlimited plan for $19.95 a month, there are no additional fees to call someone in Ohio. If you subscribe to our per minute plan, then the call would cost you 1.9 cents per minute.

Can I make calls if the power goes out?
Not over the Vontronix network, if power is lost, so is your Internet connection. However, your phone service through your local phone company will still be available and cellular phones still work during a power failure.

Can I make 911 emergency calls?

Can I make 911 emergency calls if I cancel my local phone service?

Can I use the Vontronix phone service for all phones throughout my home?

How do I get a phone number for incoming calls?
All Vontronix customers will receive a new phone number.

Can I keep my existing phone number?
Yes, in most areas.

What are the Vontronix rates?
Rate Plan 1 - Unlimited calls within the US and Canada - $19.95 per month
Rate Plan 2 - Unlimited calls within the US and Canada and 22 other countries $29.95.
Additional charges - Calls outside of the US and Canada will be billed according to our international rate table. Rates may change from time to time and will affect all existing and new customers. The current international rates are always posted on the site.
411 -  Calls to directory assistance cost $1.00 per call.
Additional phone numbers cost $5.00 per month per number

Is there an early termination fee?